• David Cain

Preventing Conflict in Your Community: 5 Simple Tips

Communication is an essential part of every successful community association’s operations. Effective communication is the remedy to many problems, it should come as no surprise that it’s also often the best way to prevent conflicts, disputes, and misunderstandings.

A comprehensive, proactive communications plan will contribute to productive meetings, satisfied homeowners, balanced budgets, informed consultants, supportive residents, cooperative tenants, eager buyers, low delinquencies—and more.

In addition to an association’s effective communication strategy, communities should be encouraging their residents to connect with one another. Remind residents to adopt these simple tips:

  • Say hi when you see your neighbor on the street or walking their dog.

  • Let your neighbors know if you're starting construction work or planning a party.

  • Avoid gossiping and spreading rumors.

  • Try to talk directly to your neighbors if there's a problem.

  • Understand your neighbor’s perspective and be respectful, particularly since differences in age, ethnic background, and longevity in the community can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or problems.

These steps can be especially helpful when addressing nuisances in community associations. Remind homeowners of the tips above and encourage them to have common courtesy, follow the rules and keep areas that others can see presentable.

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