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What is a HOA Community Manager?

The role of a community manager is often confused with a property management company, which is very different. A community manager works with a community of homeowners, as opposed to the management of a single property.

Who does a community manager work for?

A community manager works for an Homeowners Association (HOA) and the residents that reside within the community. An HOA is a corporate body created by homeowners with the purpose of maintaining the community while protecting or increasing the property value. HOA's also provide an array of community services. There are various roles within an HOA which are occupied by members of the community who serve voluntary.

Role of a community manager

In many ways, a community manager is the link between homeowners and the HOA. The primary role of a community manager is to manage the day-to-day running of the community. This includes an array of task too long to list however some of these responsibilities include:

  • Working with the HOA Board of directors to address any issues

The community manager provides a direct line of communication for the HOA board and the members of the community. They handle mass communication to homeowners along with creating and leading HOA meetings for the community.

  • Property Inspections

The vast majority of communities will come with several association covenants which need to be followed and enforced. One of the many roles of the community manager is to carry our regular inspections and ensure that there are non covenant violations. These inspections could lead to repair and maintenance issues which are also the responsibility of the community manager.

  • Vetting and contacting vendors to carry out repairs & maintenance

Communities can fall into a habit of using the same third-party repair/maintenance companies for a variety of request. A community managers responsibility is to find the most appropriate and competitive quote for all repair/maintenance requirements. There is no preference given to any single vendor. Assignment is based on their quality of work and price.

  • Always on hand for emergencies

From time to time there will be various issues regarding communal areas/services or individual properties. The community manager is available 24/7 to receive and address emergencies as soon as possible. A quick response time can often help mitigate any potential damage or effects and in some cases, help avoid injury.

  • Assist with setting budgets

Appointing a community management company brings with it a long list of benefits including vast experience regarding budgets, financial services and issue mitigation. If you work on a board of directors within a HOA, you will find your community management company assisting closely with the setting of budgets. These companies have been there, done it and know exactly what to expect.

Does your HOA need a community management company?

As read through the various roles and responsibilities of a community manager, you may be asking yourself, shouldn't the HOA members share these tasks amongst themselves and the other homeowners? Consider the following factors with regards to this issue.

As a volunteer member of the HOA, a full-time role in the management of the community can take away much-needed family time and reduce the individual’s ability to enjoy and volunteer within the community.

• A formal financial contribution system is often more appropriate compared to what can be sporadic free/voluntary services. These are not excessive contributions but merely enough to cover the cost of services required.

• You will often find that the role of a community manager helps to avoid friction between neighbours who may have disputes. As an unbiased party, the community manager can recommend a response to the HOA and action will be taken.

• A well-managed property development will assist in building up a reputation for the neighbourhood, which can also add a premium to property prices

This is just a sample of what a community manager is responsible for...

The cumulative impact of these activities will very often demand significant time, money and effort. A community manager can also prove invaluable when disputes emerge between members and neighbours.

Let your HOA board focus on strategy, your community manager will take care of the details.

A community manager plays an integral role in maintaining harmony, managing financials, address maintenance/repair issues as soon as possible as well as being on hand to tackle emergencies. Having a community manager ensures that your community will be managed properly as well as increase the reputation in your area.

Community management solutions

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