DTA is contracted to perform periodic inspections of your neighborhood for violations of the CC&Rs (deed restrictions).  Although our inspections are thorough, since we are not in the community every day at varying hours, there are circumstances in which we may not be aware of a violation.  Examples include parking violations, kids playing in the street, speeding in the neighborhood, and other neighborhood disturbances.  We rely on the input of our community members to assist with those violations that may occur outside of regular business hours.  To report a violation, please complete the form below.  We will investigate the matter and take the appropriate action(s) if warranted. 


You may also see a violation that you feel has been there for more than 30 days and would like to know if it's been cited.   While we can't disclose the enforcement actions we are taking, as that information is protected by law, we will take your report and verify in house that the matter is being pursued. 


Please note that each community has its own policy that we follow in enforcement of the deed restrictions.  We must also follow state law in providing specific notifications and time frames for owners to comply with our enforcement notices.  Owners who cooperate with our enforcement requests typically correct the violation within 30-60 days.  All violation reports are kept confidential. Your contact information will be used by our account representatives only for the purpose of contacting you with any questions we may have about your report. If you are reporting more than one address, please use a separate form for each address.