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Join the DTA team!

Are you a dedicated community management professional?  Do you want to learn a challenging and exciting industry?  DTA hires the best of the best so if you possess the following experience and traits, we'd like to talk with you.

  • Passion for problem-solving and knowledge seeker, continuously applying new information learned.

  • Customer Passion: Consistently provides an exemplary customer experience by respecting customer needs and attentively addressing customer priorities. Maintains professionalism and courtesy in a demanding, fast-paced environment.

  • Communication: Builds trust and establishes rapport through active listening with empathy and asks concise clarifying questions to draw information. Reads customer cues and tailors communication and approach when appropriate.

  • Critical thinking: Ability to think clearly and rationally, understand the connection between ideas. Then leveraging those with creative solutions, and problem-solving.

  • Demonstrates confidence, reliability, personal responsibility, and trustworthy behaviors.

  • Continuous Learning: Gains, absorbs, and applies new information to identify and address own learning and development needs to keep skills up to date.

  • Teamwork: Understands the principles and importance of teamwork and develops productive relationships with staff.

  • Planning & Organizing: Establishes a plan/course of action and contingencies for self to meet current or future goals. Exhibits time management and self-organization skills.

  • Technology and Information Management: Uses, leverages and maintains proficiency with corporate and job-related technology as it evolves (e.g., hardware, software, business unit applications, and systems tools).

  • Microsoft Office: Working knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Positivity: Demonstrates high level of respect for clients and team members and conveys a positive demeanor even in stressful situations.

  • Communication Skills: The ability to clearly convey ideas and messages both verbally and in writing, using correct grammar and language.

Management candidates must also possess:

  • Industry Specific Experience: Experience working with property owners associations / homeowners associations and condominium regimes, working knowledge of Texas Property Code. Two years of HOA/COA management experience is required.

  • Financial Acuity: An understanding of financial reporting and ability to process basic financial transactions; ability to prepare and deliver accurate financial variance reports; ability to assist clients with financial related questions.

Business Conference

DTA is invested in its team members.  We promote a healthy work - life balance with balanced work loads and a generous PTO policy.  DTA encourages your professional development and offers industry specific training, educational resources, and certification opportunities.  Benefits including a comprehensive health package and company matched 401k is standard for all full-time employees.  DTA is an equal opportunity employer.  

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