If you need to make payment arrangements on your account, there are several options available to you.  If you can satisfy your balance in three equal monthly installments, with the first payment due upon execution of the payment agreement (typically within 7 business days of submitting this form) please complete the form below.  An account representative will contact you with a formal payment plan agreement.  In order to qualify for this agreement, you must be willing to set up recurring payments from your bank account for each scheduled payment.  Unless otherwise agreed, you must also pay a $100 down payment, which will credit towards your first payment, upon submission of this form.  Any form received without the $100 down payment will not be processed.  In order to make the down payment, please visit our payment center.  You will also set up your recurring payments here as well.


If you cannot satisfy your balance in three equal monthly installments, require more payments and/or a longer period of time to pay your balance, and/or you need to defer your first payment, please contact us at (832) 364-6880.  Each community we represent has its own guidelines and payment plan policy that we must adhere to.  An account representative will be glad to assist you in reaching the terms that will best suit you. 


Please note, ALL payment plan agreements are legally binding contracts.  There is no fee to enter into a payment plan agreement, but there is a $50 penalty if you do not adhere to the terms of the agreement.  Failing to fulfill a payment plan agreement may prevent you from being eligible for another payment plan agreement for a term of up to two years.  Interest will continue to accrue on all delinquent accounts, including those on a payment plan.